I'm a Candidate...

  1. Login using our secure Yoti signup process and you will gain access to the CyberSpectre platform.
  2. Make sure you upload your resume so that we can baseline your profile!
  3. Your initial profile is where you receive the Gamekey to access CyberWraith.
  4. Follow the URL link to download our game launcher, enter the right email you signed up with and the gamekey
  5. Play Well and you may just find yourself Getting Hired.

Yoti is a great tool and keeps your PII safe. It also allows us to validate you are a real person and subsequently any employers that may be interested in your talent. See more about YOTI here

It doesn’t happen often, but some antivirus software, such as Norton AV, identifies our game as a threat, which is obviously a false positive. In Norton AV’s case, the Cyberwraith EXE does not have the reputation score it needs to pass NAV’s “wisdom of crowd’s” test. You can Google solutions for your particular AV software on how to create scan exclusions. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any followup questions or concerns. We’re here to help.

I'm an Employer...

  1. We believe resumes can be misleading and are insufficient stories of a candidates ability – or in some cases lack of ability.
  2. We give you data-driven insights on the candidate to help you make an informed decision.
  3. CWN is a talent subscription service paid monthly. No more commissions per candidate.
  4. We focus on hands on keyboard and less on keywords in resumes.
  5. We save you time. Our talent AI assesses the game data we have about each of our candidates to bring you top candidates automagically.

$1500 paid monthly for an annual contract. We’re already better than the commission you just paid your last Head Hunter.

I'm an Investor...

So awesome it hurts!

We can help you with that.