UTSA Cyber Range eSports Tournament Powered By CymanII

tournament start
Mar 22, 2024
@ 07:30PM CST
tournament ends
Mar 25, 2024
@ 12:00PM CST

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Tournament Rules

The UTSA Cyber Range Powered by CyManII Presents:

This 3 Day hybrid event that will allow you to jump into the next generation of hacking games with our very own E-Sports Tournament hosted by the UTSA Cyber Range and the CyberJedi Student Chapter of UTSA. All gamers should BYOD (bring your own device).

The tournament rules are very simple…it’s a race to the finish. Show us how quickly you can complete the most content in the least amount of time within the tournament start and finish times.

  • DO NOT play BEFORE the tournament starts. If you do, you will be DISQUALIFIED!
  • The winner will be determined by the most number of content completed (including the tutorial).
  • Tie breakers will be determined by the amount of time taken to complete the content (fastest time wins).
  • Content difficulty does not matter, so grab those easy points from completing the tutorial missions at the beginning of the game.
  • The only indication of the tournament start is when the clock ticks to the Tournament Start time(s) below.


Tip: Since time to completion matters, login to CyberWraith only when you are actively playing. Sessions left logged in while you grab a cup of coffee will hurt you in the end.


Day 1 (3/22)
In Person

Day 2-4 (3/23 – 3/25)
Remote Play (BYOD)

Day 5 (3/26)
Awards @ The UTSA Cyber Range Powered by CyManII. – 12pm


In Person Location:

506 Dolorosa St.
San Antonio, TX 78204, United States


The game is fun, and engaging with a Call of Duty look and feel to it.   Anyone can play including those that have no background in Cyber.  Start with some Academy training and then work your way through real-world scenarios.  You will learn the Stinger Operating System while playing which is a Cyber Warfare and Network Intrusion Platform.  Built by combining the most advanced open-source hacking modules from civilian and military sources.  If you have experienced any penetration testing platforms like Kali or Metasploit you will recognize similarities.

Register today!  Play Well. Get Hired!


Mar 25, 2024
@ 11:50AM CST
10 Minutes to Final Score Review!! Leaderboard may change after we manually review gameplay and confirm clean data!


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