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Human Analytics Career Matching Software that translates Military Cyber Jobs and helps companies find, hire and retain the best military cyber talent.



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Military Cyber Warriors are some of the best trained and highly skilled Cyber Operators and Defenders on the planet!

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Cybersecurity Career Pathway

Control your destiny by creating a cyber career path that will prepare you for any civilian cyber job from the day you join the military until you’re ready to transition and beyond. Our platform identifies your MOS and recommends your next career, training, and education goals needed for success!

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Introducing CWN Cyber Dossier!



At CWN we understand that resumes are hard to create so we’ve done the hard work for you! Resumes don’t accurately translate your military experience and highlight your knowledge, skills, abilities and invaluable leadership experience you’ve acquired while serving.


Our AI uses your existing military records to demilitarizes, demystifies, quantifiy, and translates your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) making it easier than ever for employers to understand the value you can bring to their organization.

Practice against live targets.


Utilizing our CTF Partnership platform you are able to train in live fire environments with real-world scenarios while searching for that perfect role.

CWN’s machine learning is designed to identify and validate knowledge, skills, and abilities and match you up with jobs that you’re the best fit for.


Cyber Warriors

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CWN's platform learns your hiring needs; can find and match any cyber-hybrid job with any combination of skill sets with top talent.

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Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Workforce! De-Risk your next cyber hire


  • The most advanced cyber matching platform that translates and demilitarizes military candidate knowledge, skill,  abilities and leadership experience.
  • Cyber Dossier makes it easy for hiring managers to make intelligent hiring decisions.
  • Get Pre-Market Acces to exclusive military Cyber Warriors before the competition.
  • Workforce Analytics platform designed with deep insights into candidates skills gap, ROI, Trustworthiness, and personality metrics.
  • AI guided Job Posts/Board makes it easy for non-cyber hiring managers create most effective jobs to attract the right candidates.

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